Universities and Work

Since Miami is one of the top successful business cities in the United States, the number of universities in the city are equally numerous since work opportunities abound.

There is a wide selection of universities that are both public and private. Here are some of the more known universities:

Barry University

This is private Catholic university that has over 9000 students. It opened in 1940 as an exclusive college for women. In 1981, it was certified as a university and has always had Dominican nuns as the school’s president.

At present Barry University offers over 60 undergraduate courses, including adult evening classes. It firmly believes in quality education with concern for the community and environment. Being a Catholic school it encourages the Catholic doctrine and practices.

Florida International University

This is a public university with focus on research and is the 5th largest university in the state. It was founded in 1943 by then state senator, Ernest Graham. Much of its success as a university is due to its excellence in the fields of architecture, law and medicine.

University in MiamiMajority of its students are Hispanic with the smallest minority from native and Asian Americans.

Miami Dade College

This is a public college and the largest in the United States with over 164,000 students studying here. In 1960, it opened as a Junior College and was the first integrated junior college in Florida. It continued to keep its open door policy throughout the years, and many of their graduates have gone on to excel in some of the major universities in the country.

Work Opportunities

Finding work in Miami is very easy as long as you have the right credentials. With a bustling economy and many major companies in Miami, corporate job opportunities are ripe for the picking.

If you prefer to work with more flexible times, there are also many work opportunities for work at home or part time jobs. The state of the city’s economy makes it possible for one to find work easily.
Being a multi race city, Miami is, and never has been, discriminatory as far as work and job opportunities are concerned. They are equal opportunity believers so and immigrant looking for work in Miami will never need to use prejudice as a reason for not finding work. If anything, it is the qualification of the applicant that most Miami businesses look at.

The range of jobs in Miami is very diverse. You can work in a corporate setting, adventure parks, sports related, or in any of the hundreds of hospitality jobs in the market. Since Miami is one of the top tourist destinations among all the cities in Florida, hospitality jobs is probably the number one in job opportunities.

There are many working students as well in Miami which augers well for the economy and the intense training a student gets in the real world.

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