Famous Places in Miami

Miami is a tourist haven. Practically every district and place you go to has an attraction for the tourists. It’s an amazing state with wonderful weather almost all year round. Here are some of the many famous places you can visit in Miami.

Cape Florida Lighthouse

Cape Florida LighthouseThis tourist spot is located just south of the Miami Beach and is the oldest lighthouse that is still operational in Florida. It was built in 1825 as a way to help ships entering Biscayne Bay through the Florida reefs.

The original lighthouse was ruined during the Second Seminole War and the new lighthouse was only completed in 1845 because of American Indian conflicts. The old tower was built to a height of 65 feet, but this was raised to 95 feet when the second structure was built.

Everglades National Park

Everglades National ParkThis is a great place to go if you want to experience water sports and other athletic activities like mountain biking. You mightr stumble upon an alligator along the bike trails, but that all part of the attraction. Just don’t bother them, and they won’t bother you as well.

Miami even hosts this local sports event , the MS 150/Breakaway to Key Largo Bike Tour which starts from the Miami Metro Zoo and ends all the way down in Keys.

Jungle Island

Jungle Island is perfect if you are looking for a wholesome family adventure holiday, It has three amazing reptile shows that is sure to astound you and your family. This is a truly enjoyable and different activity to enjoy. Here in this fantastic Miami tourist destination, you and your family will get opportunities to come into close contact with rare animals and you can also see some wildly exotic animals which you are allowed to personally feed.

Miami Boat Show

Miami Boat ShowThis is an annual 5 days boating event when Miami gets full of boating enthusiasts from all over the country. Hotels across and along the coat of Miami are all bound to be fully booked during this time.

According to the locals of Miami, this is the best boating event of the year in the entire United States. You get to see so many kinds of boating events and innovative designs. It’s really just one big party for the whole city of Miami.
The Venetian Pool

This used to be a rock quarry in the early 1900s and you can find it in Coral Gables which is a residential area in Miami. It was an inspiration of Phineas Paist who was the architect and Denman Fink who was the artistic designer.

The inspiration of these two gentlemen was to bring to Miami a Venetian type lagoon. When it was finally finished in 1924, the public was finally allowed to see the Venetian Pool. It is now still open to the public and has been enhanced by Venetian style architecture surrounding the pool and the Mediterranean design of the Coral Gables residential community.

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